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About Us | Pressure Washing in and around Birmingham, Alabama

In 2004 we here at Proctor Service Company set up shop here in the Gulf Coast region of the state of Alabama. Our mission? To provide our customers with the best pressure washing Alabama had to offer. Unfortunately, in September of that very same year Hurricane Ivan devastated that very same area. And in the aftermath of all of that destruction, we stepped up to provide the entire Gulf Coast with the quality cleaning services that they needed. Whether it was Pensacola, FL or Long Beach, MS, our trained technicians, some of the best Alabama pressure washing specialists, spent day and night restoring homes, businesses, and other establishments. It was a hard time, but we came through it, and while the devastation was great, we were able to at least provide some service to those who needed it.

Then, in 2006 we relocated to the Birmingham metropolitan area, where we have been offering the highest quality pressure washing Birmingham has to offer to surrounding communities as well as surrounding states, and while 2004 may have been a while ago, we will never forget the lessons we learned then, and we continue to build upon those skills with each and every job we perform. So if you are interested in seeing what the number one team in pressure washing Huntsville AL,  the entire Gulf Coast can do for you, just take a look at our 'Services' page. Then give us a call and let us show you what we can do.

Environmental Compliance is require on many Power Washing projects. PSC operates the Watermeister X11 Mobile Industrial Grade/ Wash Water Recycle System (One of the only Water Recovery Systems in the Southeastern US). This Equipment allows us to Contain (with the aid of Berms, Dikes & Storm Drain Covers)(or in some cases Wash
Mats), Reclaim & Extract the spent Wash Water to be disposed of properly in accordance with State or Local Ordinances. The most common Disposal methods are either by a Environment Waste Service or at a Public Wastewater Treatment Facility. The EPA is not suppose to specifically recommend any one power washing recycle system, although they do encourage the use of systems like the Watermeister X11. 

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